We make fast computers with USA-based support and no bloatware.

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We make reliable, quality computers for business, and we always support every Lotus computer with 100% USA-based support. When it comes to business PCs, nobody treats your business better than Lotus.


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Even if you use your computer for simple, everyday tasks, a Lotus is a better choice. We support our customers with 100% USA-based support and focus on quality and long-term performance, making us a better value.


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Lotus gaming laptops and desktops are designed from the ground up to offer gamers the best performance. We focus on pure performance with elegance and clean design, making us a better choice for gaming PCs.


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Based in Central Florida, Lotus has been custom building quality computers since 2007. As a family owned small business, we focus on personal attention and quality that come together to make the best computer experience in America.

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Our online shop is the most convenient way to get an amazing new Lotus computer from any corner of the United States. Check out a more personal way to buy a computer online.

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