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We have a selection of easy-to-use computers that are great for seniors who just want something that works and comes with great support. Our senior-friendly computers come ready to go without the need to install Windows or essential programs, no bloatware, and friendly USA-based support. Whether you're in the market for a simple desktop or a great laptop, Lotus has the reliable Astra desktop, the 15-inch Eclipse 650, or the 17-inch Eclipse 670.

stars-stripes-6-1180924-1279x850-1024x68100% USA-Based Service & Support

Not everyone is computer savvy, and it's frustrating to get support from overseas. At Lotus, all our support staff is based right here in Florida. We're all experts in our products and can help in a friendly, understandable way.

We make fast computers with USA-based support and no bloatware

Based in Central Florida, Lotus has been custom building quality computers since 2007. As a family owned small business, we focus on personal attention and quality that come together to make the best computer experience in America.