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These gaming machines are our top-of-the-line computers that have only the most advanced components available. Allowing you to play today’s games at maximum settings and be ready for the future’s graphical demands, the Lotus High-End lineup is full of some powerful gaming pcs. The Lotus Axis 700 gaming desktop is our offering for high-end gaming demands. On the other hand, our Lotus Axis 900 is our flagship gaming PC that contains only the best components available, including NVIDIA GTX 1080s and NVIDIA Titan X's. As for high-end gaming laptops, our Eclipse 750 and Eclipse 770 are packing the best graphics you can get in a laptop along with plenty of RAM.

We make fast computers with USA-based support and no bloatware

Based in Central Florida, Lotus has been custom building quality computers since 2007. As a family owned small business, we focus on personal attention and quality that come together to make the best computer experience in America.